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Technologies Hyper Tech’s superconducting technology provides benefits for products in medicine, energy, transportation and science.
Wires Superconductors carry high current with near zero ohmic loss (no electrical resistance). In coil form, such as in an electromagnet, a charged and closed loop can carry current, and hence magnetic field, for long periods of time (of the order of months to years depending on the detail design). This makes a superconductor ideal for high field magnets. It is commonly used in MRI and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) systems throughout the world. Hyper Tech is well equipped to produce two wire formed superconductors: MgB2 and Nb3Sn. Coils The development of long length multifilamentary wire production has enabled Hyper Tech to design and fabricate a series of MgB2 wound solenoid and racetrack coils. Establishing excellent properties over length in these early demonstrations has led to producing more realistic coils with MgB2  superconductor wire relevant to specific applications. Long length wire in coil form is equally important for superconductors because most commercial applications will require several multikilometer lengths of wire. Fault Current Limiters A superconducting FCL is a device that uses superconductors to instantly limit electrical surges before they reach a circuit breaker. Wind Turbine Generators A superconducting direct drive generator will minimize tower size and weight by substituting heavy iron with lightweight composites and will increase the power density of the wind turbine.
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