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Wind Turbine Generators Hyper Tech's prior experience building rotor coils for high speed electrical propulsion systems will be valuable when designing and constructing superconducting wind turbine generators. 
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MgB2 Wind Turbine Generators Harnessing wind energy provides an alternative to consumable fuel resources. Land based and offshore wind energy farms are becoming more desirable; however, larger power blades and towers are needed to meet growing demand for this power source and for the equipment to be viable offshore. Current low power (2-7 MW) wind turbine systems use a gearbox, which becomes too large and heavy as tower size and power increase. An MgB2 superconducting direct drive generator will minimize tower size and weight by substituting heavy iron with lightweight composites and will increase the power density of the wind turbine. Equipment reliability increases because of a more simplistic generator rotor design. Another advantage of using MgB2 generators for offshore projects is that the unit could be repaired onsite without being removed from the structure.
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